Our last Saturday as a family of 3

Snuggled up in his “cocoon” after morning bath time! 💛

Followed by some fun at the museum with his aunties 🎈

Finally, the day has been spent trying out some old wives tales!

Bath? Check. Colostrum harvesting? Check. Bumpy road? Check. Long muddy walk in the rain? Check. Bouncing on ball? Check *rotate to dilate*! Curry? Check.

Any other tips welcome…

A morning with gestational diabetes

Testing, cuppa, and nuts!

This time next week I’ll be getting induced, and the days of testing will be almost over. The last 26 weeks have been a bit of a rollercoaster, I never anticipated getting this diagnosis, especially so early, and it was scary. But, to be honest, I am probably even more scared now that I am in the final few days. There is always the chance that something could go wrong, and I am always reminded that it can get tougher towards the end. Yesterday, my midwife reminded me “we’ve got you this far… we don’t want things to go pear-shaped at the last hurdle”. I want this little lady to arrive before next Friday (will be eating plenty of curries and doing lots of walking!), not only because I don’t want to have to face induction (potentially days spent in hospital waiting, which means days spent away from Stanley)… but, every day that she is in my belly, it feels like another day of worrying right now. I know I am most definitely overthinking and questioning every movement!

Finally, I have found a dentist I can trust

Huge thanks to Oasis Dental Care! Gabriel Magirescu has been a total life saver this week. I hadn’t seen a dentist in 3 years due to fear, the mere thought of going sent me into a panic. On Monday this week, I was left with little choice because of the agony I was in and being 37 weeks pregnant, with gestational diabetes, the situation wasn’t doing my little lady any good. So on Monday morning – I had an emergency appointment with Gabriel – resulting in lots of work with no pain relief. He was calming, reassuring, understanding, and talked me through everything. I even went back again yesterday for more! Of course, I am still incredibly nervous, but knowing that I have someone like this, that I trust, makes it a whole lot easier – and I certainly won’t leave it so long next time!

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 12.09.07.png

On another note, I’ve known that I need to sort my fear of the dentist out pretty soon. Stanley is under the care of an orthodontist and as a result of his cleft, he will have alveolar bone graft surgery when he’s around 7-9 years old. He has a gap in his gum, where his tooth has come through sideways, and hopefully the surgery will allow for his adult teeth to come through properly. So, considering what he may have to go through in his life – I need to buck my ideas up!

Anyway, today is the first day since Saturday that I am feeling pretty much back to normal, and I only have Gabriel to thank for this. Next up… I just have the pain of labour to endure (which I’m hoping will seem a breeze, in comparison)!

35 week update; Gestational Diabetes and PhD struggles

35 week scan + clinic today. I’ve had some high blood glucose readings over the last week that can’t be explained by diet. My plan for the weekend? 48hr full BG profile + food diary. That means testing my bloods a minimum of 7x per day + more if my readings are high. My fingers are already sore! On Monday they will make a decision as to whether I need to commence insulin. Next scan + clinic in 2 weeks, when plans for induction may be put in place! eek! 

Photo is a throwback to our 12 week scan; I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes at 13 weeks and never did I imagine that I would get through the last 23 weeks without insulin… here’s hoping I can make it the final few! 

What has happened to the PhD? I am really struggling to keep up with PhD life right now. GD is constantly on my mind, it can literally take over my day, and finding the space and time to just write (or do some analysis) seems totally inexistent right now. I can’t switch off. To top it off… we have had a poorly toddler (and now poorly me) + the arrival of heartburn, and what happened to being able to sleep at night?!