I am a PhD Researcher in Forensic Psychology based in the UK. I began my PhD journey in January 2014, and at the point of accepting the studentship, little did I know that I already had a bundle of joy on their way! First, panic. How would I survive studying for a PhD in itself, let alone whilst becoming a new mum? May 2014, and four months into my PhD studentship, Stanley joined the world. Four months of maternity leave whizzed by (and I certainly did not anticipate how much time a little one takes up – PhD – what PhD?!) Stanley was born with a unilateral cleft lip and submucous cleft palate, and so we were inundated with various clinic appointments, specialist feeding, and his first operation at 3 months old (of course, this eneded up being on the same day as an international conference I was due to attend!). Since then, the number of appointments have been few and far between in comparison to Stanley’s first few months, but we’ve since had speech and language therapy, a psychologist, and left wondering whether he is potentially being on the autism spectrum.

Fast forward two years; I am now in the final year of my studentship, and baby number 2’s arrival is imminent (February 2017)! Pregnancy was far from straight forward the first time round, so I don’t know why I expected this to be any different the second time. Only this time, we have gestational diabetes to contend with, which has been another journey in itself with various extra clinics and scans to attend (not to mention the struggles of not being allowed sugar and carbs whilst pregnant!). So now, with baby number 2 about to enter the world, I am left wondering… how am I going to juggle a new baby, a toddler, and somehow attempting to finish this PhD?! Well, if I didn’t have enough on my plate already… let’s add some blogging to the mix as well!

the PhD mum x