Today started with a trip to the doctors for Stanley, mostly because we are running out of ideas. For the last few weeks we have been having an issue with Stanley and his car seat. Every car journey now typically involves tears because his bottom is hurting, and more often than not it involves screaming and shouting from the minute he sits in the seat, until the minute he gets out… however long the journey may be. We don’t know if the car seat is actually hurting him, or whether he is just saying this because he doesn’t want to be in the car seat… because he doesn’t want to go anywhere… because of his anxiety. We have tried so many different things to help… we have tried a different car seat (forward-facing instead of rear-facing), but nothing seems to help. I feel like we have tried everything. Physically, everything appears to be okay, but he becomes so distressed that we wondered if he could actually be in serious pain. So, we had a trip to the doctors. After a long chat with the GP, he thinks that this is a reflection of Stanley not wanting to go anywhere (as we suspected), and not that there is anything physically wrong. The GP was wonderful and we had a long chat about Stanley, and how he's doing… and that it is likely that things like this will start to manifest themselves as Stanley gets older. So, plan is to review how Stanley is doing once he has started nursery… we'll see how he gets on there and where we go next. We're also still waiting to hear from the Health Visitor regarding an appointment, but the GP also pointed out the cuts that have been made. Health visitors are very thin on the ground, and so it seems we could be waiting a while. But… best part of the day? On the way home from the doctors, Stanley got into the car seat with no complaints. After around 5 minutes, he proudly announces: "my bottom is all better now", with the biggest, cheesiest, grin on his face! We'll see how the car journey goes tomorrow… 🤞🏻

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