t h a n k y o u πŸ’› From the bottom of my heart. I feel the need to say thank you. To everyone that has left a comment, or sent a message, since I started writing as thephdmum. To those that have shared their own experiences, offered words of support, advice, or simply shown love and been there. To everyone that has reached out, it has really touched me, and I appreciate every single one of you for doing that, I really do. It saddens me that right now, when things can be pretty tough, we are receiving more support from people that I have never met, in comparison to people that we thought were so close. But, more than anything, it lifts me up. It reminds me that there are good, kind, caring, compassionate people in this world. It gives me the courage, support, and confidence to know that we are doing the right thing… at least, we are doing the best that we can. I hope that I can raise Stanley and Nora to be one of those people. To be someone like you. Someone that reaches out to others when you can see that they are struggling. Thank you ✌🏻

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