This photo says a lot about how things are right now. We are both trying to enjoy ourselves, but you can see that we look tired, and a little lost. Tomorrow, I'm at the GP to discuss Stanley and getting a diagnosis. This could be a total waste of time, or the start of a very long process. Either way, I'm trying, and I feel I'm going to need some luck! We have just about ran out of luck right now, things seem to go from bad to worse. As things get tougher with Stanley, we attempted the dreaded conversation with family… and what was the result? We are now left with no childcare for Nora, and 2 days short for Stanley. I am in my last two months of scholarship payments from the PhD, and with no idea of what I will be doing after then. Things were already going to be tough with finishing up the PhD, looking for full time work, and juggling the childcare situation. But now, with pretty much no childcare, we are stuck. We can't look for alternative childcare because in 2 months time, I'll have no income. I now have Nora every day, and Stanley for at least 2, how am I going to find time to continue the job hunt, let alone find anytime to finish this PhD.

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