Twice. Twice we have tried to leave the house this morning. Twice we failed. We feel lost and helpless. It's getting harder to leave the house with Stanley, because he just wants to stay at home. The first attempt at leaving he was with Daddy, and he kept delaying and delaying… there was always just one more thing. They eventually gave up the attempt to go out, and came back in the house. Stanley then told us he didn't want to go the shop. Second attempt a couple of hours later, with all four of us, and after much persuasion… we eventually manage to get in the car, one step further. But, from the minute he sat down, to the minute we get home, he just screams that his bottom is hurting, and that he wants to get out. He did this so much that we eventually gave up and came home. We checked, and tried everything in between to make him more comfortable, but nothing worked. When we get back home, he could then tell us that his bottom wasn't really hurting, he just wanted to get out of the car (which is what we suspected). This is because he doesn't want to go out. He doesn't want to go anywhere. He wants to stay at home, because it's easier to cope with. Our whole morning has been an attempt to leave the house, and I feel like we are going to end up getting stuck. What happens when we need to leave the house? Should we have just forced him into the car this morning… kicking, screaming, and crying? When we know that it's going to end in a meltdown, do we just go with it, and let it happen? Or, do we give in… and stay at home… where it is quiet, and he is content? Stanley and Daddy are now out walking the fields, and he couldn't be happier. So peaceful.

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