Today has really been an up and down kind of day. I spent the day with this little man, instead of taking him to Granny's (it's my last official week of maternity leave after all!) – so we had a trip to the castle, which was so lovely. Unfortunately though, it ended with a meltdown in the car park, and us not attending the planned picnic with his auntie. As much as we try to prepare him, he doesn't seem to be coping with transitions. It wasn't nice today, it's not nice seeing him so upset and distressed, and I feel so lost in those situations. He's really not had a good week, and I'm not sure if the weather has a role to play in this too. He's not a fan of the heat, and it's all too bright for him most of the time. It's certainly not helping anyway. I know I don't cope too well with this heat, it stresses me out! I have found this week really tough… I have felt stressed, helpless, and so tired… and I know this has meant that I'm not reacting to Stanley as I normally would, and how I should. I haven't been the best I can be with him, and then that only leaves me feeling more guilty and stressed. Tomorrow is a new day though, and it's just me and the little man again. I think we'll end up back at the castle… but we'll see if he's changed his mind in the morning. I'm planning to do whatever he wants to do tomorrow. Let's hope we have a better end to the week! πŸ’›βœŒπŸ»πŸŒ»

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