Since our rubbish morning on Monday, I've spent the last couple of days with Stanley, and I've been tying to talk to him to find out if there is anything we can do to make going to childcare easier. Amazingly, he was able to tell me a few things. For one, he always tells us that Granny's is "scary", and so we've been talking about what makes us (+ Nora and his superheroes!) happy, sad… and what things are funny, scary etc. He seemed to really enjoy playing these little games, and it's incredible to see how much he understands and what he picks up on. Some of the scary things included "dark lights", "changing things", and "windows". When we got to Granny's on Monday she had changed her playroom around. As soon as we saw it, we instantly worried about how Stanley would react, and he noticed everything. He just kept asking Granny "Why? Why have you done that? Why have you turned this around?". Anyway, when we were talking about scary things, he told me: "Granny changed it and I didn't like it (he started cowering, and put his arms up as though he was uncomfortable and trying to hide), and Granny didn't put it back to normal". He talked about windows quite a few times, but I'm really not sure what it is about the windows. My only thought is the brightness, especially with this nice weather… he's always been quite sensitive to light. Or, it could be the people that he sees coming and going through the windows… I really don't know. It's just nice to hear from him, nice that he is able to recognise that "changing things" is "scary"… because this is something we can now work on with him, and prepare others for. I hope that the more we continue to have these little chats, and play these little games, the more he'll develop an understanding about feeling and thoughts, and what we can do to help. This morning he's been fab, he's been practising (with help from a great @sesamestreet app) doing three big breaths for when you feel frustrated πŸ’›

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