Rocking that pout & Iron Man sticker ✌🏻 This little guy had his 3 year Cleft Clinic today. It was lovely, we got to see the team again – in particular Caroline, Stanley's Cleft Nurse, and Jonathan, his surgeon. Two amazing people that have such a big role in his life. We have been talking more about his Cleft recently, and his operation, since we knew he had the clinic coming up, and he can understand much more now. In doing so, this last week was the first time that Stanley actually pointed out "a gap" in his baby photos. He has never acknowledged it before. It was so nice to watch him today, to see him telling everyone at the hospital "I'm 3 years old, and I've got a cleft lip" – I hope he continues to be as confident and proud as he grows up. As we were patiently waiting for his name to be called, each time someone came through the doors, Stanley eagerly asked "is that Caroline?", and as he sat on my knee in clinic, he whispered "which one's Jonathan?". I wondered what he was thinking. He did so brilliantly today, in every way. Speech and language were amazed at his progress, and his language in general. And the best news? It is looking "unlikely" that Stanley will need an alveolar bone graft! What? We never anticipated ever hearing those words! Me and hubby looked at each other, and he almost cried. You just never know where this journey is going to take you. Ever since finding out about his cleft, we have always been told that he would have a bone graft. There was never any question about it. But, as Jonathan looked at his teeth, and in particular the tooth that has come through in his gap (which has come through sideways) – he was happy. It seems there's a good chance he could get away with braces, and no op 🀞🏻 This really made our day! Our next cleft clinic is in 2 years, when we'll talk more about orthodontics then. Jonathan also pointed out the "extra bit of pink" that Stanley has on his lip, and said he'd be happy to chat with Stanley about it when he's older if he wants to, but if it doesn't bother him, then there's no need. Stanley continues to surprise us, and amaze us, every day. We are so proud πŸ’›

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