It's 8am, and today is already one of "those" days. I'm home with the two little ones, and Nora is supposed to have her second vaccinations this morning. I am going to try and rearrange because I don't think I'd make it out of the house without some kicking and screaming! Stanley fell and hurt his foot last night, and it seems it's still hurting him this morning. He's asked for some "toe medicine", and was quite upset that he "can't jump". But, all was good when he found out he could still hop! He's been super clingy this morning, not wanting me to leave his side, and so I can see today being fun with two needy little ones! Stanley has very politely just asked "please may I have pudding?" after his breakfast, and since he asked so nicely, to make us feel better… we're starting the day with cake!

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