Massive Happy Birthday to my little man ❀️ We've had a lovely day overall, Stanley's had lots of fun. We split the day in two, so that we didn't have too many people, and too much going on for him, but he still clearly struggled at times. We did as much as we could to make it easy on him (e.g., kept it as quiet as we could), but we had quite a few tears, lots of requests for people to "stop, stop", and the birthday cake, candles, and singing was just way too much for him. I guess we are still learning with this journey, and as time goes on, I hope that we can make days like today easier for him. If that means no visitors, and no birthday cake, then so be it! We want the best for Stanley, and that is all that matters – we just still need to figure out some of these things, and learn from him. Despite the tough times today, he has also clearly had fun with family, and enjoyed playing with his new toys – I just hope that these are the times he remembers from today. Still find it hard to believe that this beautiful little guy is three already πŸ’›

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