What a lovely day; the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and that means that Stanley has spent much of the day outside, which does him the world of good (and me!) 🌻✌🏻 Today I was reminded of the #howcanihelp campaign started by @thepsychologymum and @mumologist – who have been asking "what helps you stay mentally healthy?" – and getting outside is a big help for me and the little man. When things get too much, when things become overwhelming… we step outside. We need quiet, and we need space (hence deciding to live on a farm in the middle of nowhere). Either simply doing nothing, living in the moment, enjoying the surroundings, and just being mindful (I'm working on teaching him some mindfulness!), or doing quite the opposite and having a good shout and scream to let it all out (Stanley likes this one, and it really helps that we live in the middle of fields)! If we don't go outside, then we get creative – this could be painting, baking, making something, colouring in, lego(!), puzzles… doing something structured liked this really helps. It gives me something to focus on, and it takes my mind off everything else. It seems these are the types of things that Stanley enjoys too – lego and puzzles in particular! Having structure and routines in general are a big helper for keeping my little man on top form. For me it's similar too, though more about being organised, being (overly!) prepared, and being on time (a.k.a. way too early!) …these things help me stay relaxed, and less anxious. The more I learn about Stanley and his Autism, the more I learn about myself, and what keeps me mentally healthy. So, to #keeptheconversationgoing, what helps you to stay mentally healthy… and #howcanihelp? Let's keep talking about mental health (including #maternalmentalhealth)… share your response to the question and tag some friends! @misstashakc @kirstysc1978

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