Tonight, in the quietest, sweetest little voice, Stanley repeatedly said "stop talking, stop talking, stop talking". This is fine when it's just us, but when there are other people around, who aren't listening to Stanley, who aren't even aware of what he is saying, it's difficult. It's difficult when people don't want to acknowledge what the real issues are – when people see his request for others to "stop talking" as him just being cheeky, or wanting attention, or being demanding. I can see he's struggling. But when others are oblivious to his struggles, it's frustrating. As soon as Stanley came home tonight, I could see in his face how he was feeling, he was tired, he had clearly had enough, and he needed some chill time. He clung on to me, and we went into another room for a bit of quiet. He's started to be much more clingy recently too, and not wanting Daddy to leave when he's dropped at Granny's πŸ’›

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