Sometimes, you just need to breathe (and getting some Headspace may help with this)! Remember, nobody is perfect and whatever happens, you are doing the best you can, and that is really all that matters. You are doing what works for you, your family, and your PhD. With the PhD, opportunities will come and go, and whilst you can make the most out of what you are offered – don’t stress about them if they are simply too difficult. Bigger and better opportunities will likely come along as you progress through your career, so be kind to yourself. With your children, on the other hand, you simply cannot go back in time. Enjoy them whilst they are little, and try not to stress. Don’t guilt trip yourself – you are doing amazing!


To all the PhD parents, to all the academic parents, to all the parents that juggle both studying and being a “full-time mummy / daddy”… and to those that are there to support them along the way… this is for you. Be kind to yourself, and enjoy the ride! You are doing an awesome job! What is greater than having accomplished both a PhD, and a happy family life (however long it may take!)?

2 thoughts on “Advice for PhD parents: #7 be kind to yourself

    1. Thanks Louise! I’m planning on 4 months – I had the same at the beginning of the PhD with Stanley (plus it’s all I continue to get funded for!) But, I’m considering switching to part-time when I return. When I started the PhD I wanted it done ASAP… but now I’m much more relaxed, and would rather put a little more time into it, to (hopefully) have a better end result! How is your PhD/parenting journey going? x


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