As I previously mentioned, my mum kept as much as she could from our childhood (clothes, books, toys, etc.), and I am so thankful for this – I love watching Stanley play with the toys I had as a child, bringing them back to life again. Below are some of my (and Stanley’s!) favourites.

First, the Fisher-Price Music Box Record Player (from 1971), which happens to sit perfectly next our vintage Dansette! Stanley has always loved music, and I think he loves both of these record players equally! Perhaps the Fisher-Price one just a tad more, since he can carry this around and put the records on himself!

Next is the Fuzzy-Felt Cartoons (by Allan Industries in 1972), this wasn’t something that my mum had, rather my godmother, Gwen. One thing I remember about childhood is our weekly visits to Gwen’s house, and one of the only things I remember about these trip is the opportunity to play with the fuzzy-felts! I absolutely loved them! Stanley hasn’t quite found his love for the fuzzy-felt’s just yet, but perhaps when he is a little older…

If I could only have picked one childhood toy, I think it would have been the Fisher-Price Medical Kit (1977)! I loved this so much as a child, and now, I see how much fun Stanley gets from playing with this. I don’t think there is anything more that I love to watch him play with. We have to go through each item, one by one, and in the correct order. Each item has to put back, exactly in its right place. He has the same, almost identical, routine each and every time that he plays with this. And, each and every person must take it in turns to play the role of doctor, and patient! Watching “Dr Stanley” melts my heart!

Finally, there’s another 70’s Fisher-Price toy, but this time it’s the Jack in the Box Puppet, something my eldest sister was terrified of as a child! Stanley on the other hand, he loved to watch him pop up, and found him hilarious! He’s perhaps outgrowing this a little now, and so we will see how the little lady likes him. I just love this guys face…

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