Saturday. Before things went downhill. I was determined this weekend would be focused on Stanley, since it could be the last we have as a family of three! Saturday was good, we went out for lunch, and made our own pizzas for dinner (Stanley particularly enjoyed eating the cheese!). Saturday night, I had the most horrific toothache (not a lot that can be done whilst pregnant), and I spent most of the night awake. Sunday morning, we had planned to take Stanley to the cinema, and despite best persuasions from hubby (reassuring me that we don't need to go!), I was determined that we would – for Stanley! I somehow managed to pull through, and Stanley has the best of timings *all goes quiet*… he shouts: "don't go to sleep mummy… wake up… it's not night time"! In the afternoon, the pain got worse, and I end up at out-of-hours GP and given co-codamol (I'm super wary of taking anything whilst pregnant). Pain relief did no good and I had another night with no sleep. Emergency trip to dentist on Monday resulted in draining an abscess with no anaesthetic (my worst nightmare, as even the thought of going to a dentist sends me into a panic). The pain got worse again, and I had another night with little sleep. Thankfully today, the pain has eased off a little – though the slightest touch is agony (I hope this starts to fade). If nothing else, I am telling myself that if I can cope with this pain for three days, then giving birth is going to be a breeze! To make things worse, I’ve been trying to force myself to eat, particularly since having #gestationaldiabetes. But, this has been tough…I can barely manage anything and so I’m feeling super guilty. Stanley has been great though, I’ve had lots of kisses and cuddles ❤ And… #phdlife? Today was supposed to be my last supervision, before the little one arrives, but of course – there was no way I was making it to uni. It also turned out that both supervisors were also unwell, and therefore not wanting to come near me(!), and so, at least I didn't feel so guilty for having to cancel in the end! #gdukmums #toothache #rootcanal #abscess #pregnancyproblems #37weekspregnant #phdmama #phdmom #phdmum #pregnancylife

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