Mum & Dad ❤ married today for 44 years, as well as being my mums birthday. Whilst it has been a lovely day spent with family, it hasn't been such a lovely day for the little man. He has done so much today and it has been a real struggle for him, especially adding tiredness to the equation. He does so well, and then its days like today that leave me feeling guilty. Guilty because I know we should be consistent. Guilty because I know we need to stick to his routines as much as possible. I should be able to make sure he has a nap during the day, surely? I shouldn't expect him to be able to cope with going out. I should be able to provide him with the quiet environment that I know he likes. I shouldn't force him to work around everybody else. I should be stronger and focus on Stanley's needs. I know what he needs, but sometimes it's hard. Especially right now. Being #37weekspregnant, I can't do all of the things I usually do for him. These past two days have been tough – I've been getting pains, and have barely managed to do anything – I think this little lady is ready to make an appearance! To end the day? I'm left with super mummy guilt, because out of the 101 things we took with us to nana's today, the one thing I forget to bring home is the one teddy that Stanley wants… #mumguilt #guiltymom #parenting #toddlerlife #autismawareness #asd #autismjourney #autismmum #autismparent #autistic #autistictoddler #routines #autismjourney #autismlife #ilovesomeonewithautism #phddmum #phdmama #phdmom #phdproblems #anniversary #weddinganniversary #birthday #pregnancy #pregnancylife #pregnancyproblems #pregnancyjourney

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