Morning spent at hospital for my #37week scan and clinic. This morning was special, because it was my dad's first time at a scan, and not something we thought he would have the opportunity to do ❀ Though, by the look on his face he was just as happy about all the waiting around as I was! Outcome from today? No change, other than needing some iron. So, no plans for induction just yet – I'm back in 2 weeks for another scan, plus #diabetic clinic. Babies growth has slowed down a little, but they didn't seem too concerned. Diabetic team we're happy with my readings, and so I've managed to dodge insulin once again! Though, they did warn me that I could see them suddenly start to get high over the next couple of weeks, in which case I will likely have a little insulin. I'm also guessing there is a likelihood I may not make it to #39weeks, since Stanley arrived at #38weeks! With Stanley, my waters happened to break as I was getting ready to go to uni to meet with my #phd supervisors one final time before heading off on leave! I have #supervision planned for next week… now, that would be too much of a coincidence! #phdlife #phdchat #phdproblems #phdstudent #phdmum #phdmama #phdmom #37weeks #37weekspregnant #gdukmums #gestationaldiabetes #diabetesinpregnancy #pregnancy #pregnancyproblems #pregnancylife

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