Getting prepared for the little lady to arrive, and super excited for our Snuggle Nest (by Baby Delight) to arrive! We didn’t have anything like this for Stanley, (but I so wish we did), so I really can’t wait for little lady to try out her nest.

Some of the best things about the Snuggle Nest? It allows little one to safely sleep in our bed (vented sides prevent rolling), it has a soft night light, it plays either womb sounds or Brahm’s Lullaby, it has a removable incline wedge that helps with digestion and congestion (this would have been perfect for Stanley!), and finally – it’s compact and folds up so it is great for moving around the house, or for travelling (and even has room to store a few things!)

Testing out the Snuggle Nest is our Reindeer Bear that has a recording of the little ladies heartbeat inside (from Miracle in Progress). Stanley has really fallen in love with this little Reindeer, and often refers to it as his “baby sister” (not so sure that he quite understands!)

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