Last night Stanley slept in his own bed, without us hearing a peep from him, until 6am! I woke up at 03:15, and my first thought? Panic! Is he ok?! Following that, I was actually surprised that I had managed to sleep until 03:15 without waking for my usual hourly toilet breaks that seem to be happening every night at the minute (#35weekspregnant)! I am not sure if last night was a one off, or the start of our new routine starting to show promise. There have been a lot of changes for Stanley over the last few months, including a new house, which haven't helped with his sleeping. But, over the last few weeks we have gone from crying / hiding / running to our bed in the early hours of the morning, to just shouting "mummy" (and then immediately returning to sleep as soon as he sees me make an appearance – perhaps for reassurance?), and now hopefully, we're beginning to see the start of a more settled nights sleep for him. There have definitely been improvements, I'm just hoping the arrival of little lady doesn't upset things once again! #toddlersofinstagram #sleepingtoddler #autistictoddler #toddlerlife #autismjourney #autismlife #routine #autismroutines #autismmum #phdmum #phdparent #phdlife

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