This face sums up my feelings towards the weekend! It has been the first weekend in a long time that we haven't made any plans, the only plan we had was that we would do absolutely nothing. Big mistake. We have certainly learned the hard way the importance of routines this weekend. It's moments like this when we see the glimpse of his autism, whereas most of the time it's somewhere sitting in the back of our minds. We usually get on with things, the way Stanley likes, without thinking most of the time. But weekends like this have taught us that we really need to keep this at the front. There is no questioning it (though others certainly like to disagree!). I worry that when the little lady arrives we are going to find it much harder (for example to find the time) to stick to all of Stanley's routines and ways of doing things. We've been desperately trying to prepare him as much as possible for when little one is here, and make some of the changes sooner rather than later – hopefully some of these pay off! #phdmum #phdparent #phdlife #autismjourney #routine #autismroutines #autismmum #autismlife #autistictoddler #toddlerlife

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